02.06.14  I will not be updating the news section of the website for a little while. please send me a FaceBook friend request to SikRik Masks for all the latest info regarding my new projects 04.29.13  I apologize for the wait...got distracted by all the audition crap for FACE OFF...and then they turned me down anyway. Learned a valuable lesson. STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW. With that said the 80's era GG mask is approved and the waiting list has begun. Hit me up if you want one

 The DEVO Booji Boy mask sells out in 2 days!!

10.04.12  The DEVO Booji Boy mask design has been approved and agreement is signed. I am going to be making the mold later today. This is initially going to be a limited edition run of 100 pieces only available through the band's merch company. I will have pictures available here on my site once the prototype is complete.

SikRik T-Shirts are in...check out the mask designs page for a picture of what they look like. In mask news I have been flying under the radar working on a sculpt that I can not announce until the artwork is approved. This is going to be a little different from my other works.Hopefully everyone will dig it.  Stay tuned!

03.23.12  The prototype for POGO is complete and I am assembling a list of the first 40 people who would like to purchase this creepy fellow. Once the 40 spots are filled I will begin assembling a waiting list for the 2nd edition (assuming there is enough demand)

  The Andre the Giant mask design has been approved. I am building up inventory as quickly as possible. There will probably be a waiting list at some point....however if you want to get a jump on the public and place an order shoot me an email.

  Just signed a deal with www.cmgbrands.com  and the family of Andre the Giant to create a limited numbered edition of 35 Andre the Giant masks as well as an unlimited edition set. I am really excited and honored to be given this license. Thanks to all parties who helped to make this happen.

  Just worked a deal with www.aggronautix.com to help with the limited edition release of my Zombie Fiend mask. This design will be limited to only 40 numbered pieces. Thanks for the help Clint!

  I am all caught up with the waiting list for the GG Allin mask!!! If you were on the list and were not contacted please shoot me an email. Lastly I will be a guest tonight on Cult Radio A Go Go internet radio/tv show 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST  http://www.cultradioagogo.com/ 

03.22.11  The limited numbered 1st edition GG masks have all been completed (and most of them shipped). I am now in the process of making the 2nd edition masks. If you were on the waiting list I will be in contact with you shortly. Stay tuned!

02.21.11 The limited numbered edition of the GG Allin mask has sold out. Please email me rick@sikrikmasks.com if you would like to be added to the waiting list for the unlimited 2nd edition.

  The GG Allin mask design and paint job have been approved. I will have pictures of the final product available in the Mask Design section and inventory available shortly.

  This is exciting news!! It is now official. The licensing agreement has been signed between SikRik Masks and Merle Allin. SikRik Masks will be producing a limited edition portrait tribute mask of the legendary GG Allin. This edition will capture the likeness of GG Allin in the early 90's and be limited to 35 numbered copies worldwide. This priceless edition will be made available for a retail price of $89.00 USD + shipping. Stay tuned for updates regarding this project.