Here are a few questions I have received from people on the street who have seen my work in local shops or on Facebook. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact me here:
1. Do you take suggestions for new designs?
I am open to hearing any suggestions you may have in regards to future designs. Please keep in mind this is a very time consuming process, so it would have to be a really great idea that I completely loved.

2. Do you do work for films?
Years ago I did work on a few films helping with set building and making some props,  but never anything cool like making a monster or anything like that...maybe someday.

3. Would you do a custom mask of my Boss or Family member?
I know it would be hilarious to make a mask of your boss, or your family member and have everyone wear them to a work function or party...but the reality is I would have to charge you so much that you wouldn't really be interested.